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Kunžak - Česká Kanada
penzion Skalíček

Our guesthouse

Rooms and equipment

We can offer 12 rooms with total capacity 42 beds. Rooms have separated hall and own sanitary facility. Rooms aren’t wheelchair accessible. Due to safety reasons, it is not allowed to use your own electrical devices.

1st Floor
one 4-bed room
two 2-bed rooms (+1 extra bed possible)
one 3-bed room (+1 extra bed possible)

2nd Floor
one 2-bed room
two 2-bed rooms (+1 extra bed possible)
one 2-storey room (2 floors, 2-6 persons)
one 3-bed room

new wing
one 2-bed room (+1 extra bed possible)
two 2-storey rooms (2-4 persons)


WiFi free
You can bring your pet (extra charge)
All prices are listed under Prices
Smoking is generally not allowed indoors. There are places outdoors suited for smokers.


We offer fish and venison specialties, selection of Moravian and Czech wines, Czech beer and non-alcoholic beverages.

We offer two basic catering options:

- Breakfast
- Breakfast and dinner

Prices are listed under Prices