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Kunžak - Česká Kanada
penzion Skalíček

Courses and adventures

Courses for children

We prepared for your children swimming and horse riding courses.
Spring holiday – swimming
Summer holiday – horse riding


Our team in cooperation with ASC Consulting prepared for you adventure packages - multiday vacation with outdoor activities and active relaxation.

Participants: Groups of 6 – 30 persons (colleagues, friends, children, random)
Organization: Packages are focused on outdoor activities. They are designed to fulfill your special wishes and desires along with hygienic and safety principles.

Basic offer:
Cycling trips - group rides for beginners or experiences riders


Walking through untouched parts of Czech Canada is always a pleasant experience. Tours can be upgraded trough teaching of basic survival techniques in wilderness (bivouacking, roping, orienteering etc.)

Horse riding

In cooperation with near horse farm, we offer riding lectures under supervision of experienced trainers. This course can be finished by multiday traveling on horseback through Czech Canada.


You can learn from basics or improve your style and condition under supervision of trainers. This course can be performed outdoor (in a lake) or indoor in swimming pool.

Canoeing on Lužnice

We’ll provide for you a guide, boats with all necessary equipment and also transportation.
Other activities – furthermore, you can enjoy other activities like tennis, bowling or golf.
In Kunzak directly, there is rental of ski and other sport equipment.

Special offers (after arrangement)


Nearby our guesthouse, there are many interesting places worth of visiting. For example - historical places Dacice, Slavonice, Jindrichuv Hradec, Nova Bystrice, Landstein – they are all very well accessible by a car, bike or by means of public transportation.
Ride with a narrow gauge railroad is always a great experience and not only for children.